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Fully Managed Web Domain Hosting

We understand that as a business owner, you don't really want to mess around learning how to manage and program a web domain.

We are a "ONE-STOP", "Set It & Forget It" shop, handling ALL of your Web Hosting needs so that you can do what you do best: manage the day to day operations of your business.

Web Site Hosting: $300.00 USD/Yr*


  • 2GB RAM • 20GB HD • 1TB/mo
  • Domain Name Registration(DNS) & Management
  • Starter(Generic) Personalized Web Pages:
    • Home Page
    • About Us Page
    • Contact Us Page
  • eMail Addresses, Online WebMail, and Mailing Lists
  • Online Documentation System


  • HTML/PHP/CSS/JavaScript Programming: $1.00 USD/minute with a 15 minute minimum.
  • Graphic Creation & Modification: $1.00 USD/minute per image.


  • 20% discount for Seniors(55+) or US Military Service(Current or Honorable Discharge)
  • 25% off entire order for Bitcoin Payment

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Limitations & Restrictions:

We do not tolerate sites that intend to deliver spam or to scam people or hateful, racist, inciteful, or illegal media, pictures, text, etc. The same goes for sites that publish materials copyrighted by others.
Our simple and easy to understand policy is: if YOU created it, we're happy to assist you to serve it to the world.
However, please understand that while we will die attempting to protect your right to free speech, we are also required to comply with US law and submit to any legal warrant served to us.
At the same time, we feel strongly that it's YOUR obligation to protect US by making sure that the content you post will not possibly result in a warrant being served to us because of something you did.
If you're not sure if your content meets our requirements, then contact us BEFORE you post and we can figure out something that will work for both of us.