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April 2017

It's time to start thinking about protecting whatever investment's you have. Be it your finances, friends, acquaintances, or assets, they all are valuable resources and worth protecting.

Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer. Back up your data. Watch out for scams and malware. Secure your computer equipment. Know what state is "correct" for your computers, phones, tablets, etc. Don't use simple passwords and use a password manager to help you keep them protected.

Sorry to remind you, folks. The world just got a bit more dangerous last month and you're not safe anymore.

Let me know if I can help.

Bob Holden, Owner, EAWF.

Our Business Customers

Thanks to the recent election and the current US authoritarian regime, OUR Internet Privacy has been lost. Click Here and Here for some of the stories.

Even if the President veto's the bill, it should be fairly obvious that it's time to start thinking about protecting your, and your Customer's Privacy regarding your web site, and your communications with others.

Visit this page again in the near future for more information about Server and eMail Privacy as it pertains to EAWF.

At The Park

The 2017 season is almost over and the Snowbirds are picking up and heading back to the north, where the weather is so nice and... WAIT A MINUTE... the weather is still crappy up there. What are you guys thinking? Afraid of a little heat? It didn't even go over 100F yet! Owell, have a safe trip and keep the rubber side down. See you in September!

2017 Summer Events: A group of us full timers are considering activities to entertain, delight, and otherwise provide an alternative to staying at home during the summer. If you're interested in joining in the fun, please contact Bob at his contact number on the contact page.

Computer Users Group: The Computer User Group will have one last meeting on Tuesday, April 4th, with the location changing to Space C24. If you aren't there by 7pm, consider it too late to attend the meeting because if no one shows, there's no sense to do anything.

As always, for the latest information about the Phoenix Metro RV Park Computer Users Group, visit the web page linked above marked PMRVPCUG.

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