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News this week is that prices have dropped for helping you get your online business started. Also it's now the perfect time to get rid of ALL of your Microsoft software. Visit this link to read why, then come back and read more below. We hope that you have a very safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend! Remember that I'm always availble for you!

Have a Business Idea?

Do you have a business idea that might make you a Million Dollars? How would you like to learn how to plan your business startup without leaving the comfort of your own home? Need a place to get your idea off the ground? I can help you get your business started, even if you're not quite ready. I can help you get started with a domain name, getting your web site started, providing a collaborative tool for creating your business plan, setting up your eMail addresses so that you can communicate with your team. Pricing starts at $9.95 per month, no contract, quit anytime and the domain name, web code, and documentation is yours for the keeping. If you want to switch to another hosting service, I'll be happy to help you do that also...NO hassles. I PROMISE.

Contact me by phone, eMail, text, whatever. My information is on my Contact Page. Let me help you start earning money soon.

Duckling wearing an eggshell.

It's Time To Take Back Your Computer!

In the past, I've been relatively happy with the free Microsoft Operating System that came with my Desktop's and Laptop's. The one question on my mind was "When are they going to turn the screws?" Well, we found out recently that the answer is, "NOW!" Amazingly, Microsoft has shown its true colors in a ballsy manner, forcing updates, tricking you into doing the update NOW, even if you're trying to get some work done, or even trying to get some critical job done now. Forget about YOUR money by forcing you to use YOUR expensive bandwidth to accept advertising on your desktop.

However, with perfect timing, there is now an alternative for you to use, and with it, YOU actually get to take control of YOUR computer. After all, you paid good money for it, so isn't it right to be able to do what YOU want to do with it? Enter the fully matured Linux operating system, Mint version 17.3. It easily installs on your PC or Laptop, and actually runs faster, safer, and more reliably than your old operating system. No ads, no forced updates, no need for an antivirus program slowing things down. If you don't want something on your computer, you can remove it without causing any problems with other software. Rebooting? That's another thing of the past. With a free addon called WINE, you can run most windows programs just like you're used to. Everything is free to download and you can even try it before you install it. You can learn more about it by clicking here. If you have any questions or concerns, I'm here to help! Just contact me.

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