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June 2017

Bob is exploring the idea of starting up several new groups in the North Phoenix area. The groups include a "Simple Online Business Development", a "Sensible & Simple Web Programming with PHP", possibly a "North Phoenix Linux Users Group" and a few others. Contact Bob if you're interested in more information or participating.

For Our Business Customers

The new Server testing and hardening is continuing as fast as possible and is hoped to roll out for service by the end of the month. For information, contact us via the contact page or your usual channels.

The new support system is coming at the same time. FYI, when it is activated, we will be asking you discontinue sending your support requests directly to Bob and instead using the new online support system that will be in place next month.

At this time Information Queries about EAWF should be eMailed to info at eawf dot com, Billing Inquiries should be sent to accounts at eawf dot com, and Sales requests should be sent to sales at eawf dot com. If you want to be ahead of the game, you can make those changes in your address books now, as all of those addresses are available for use at this time.

For our Park Friends and Family

A few tidbits of news for those who are following this section of the page:

The pool will be opening on Friday, June 2nd! The new pool and Jacuzzi surfaces are gorgeous, and the deck now looks brand new.

Our sympathies go out to Frank S. as Carole has passed away unexpectedly. She will be especially missed at Bingo.

JC reports that he is recovering from a hospital stay and from the symptoms that he had when he left for the summer. He's doing much better and is hoping to return to the park in the fall.

Thefts are on the rise in the Park. Bob caught a guy trolling the AB row on Saturday night at 12:15am. It was a black Chevy pickup truck driving around with the tailgate down. When confronted, the guy said that he was "checking out the park as he was thinking about living here" The vehicle left the park, and the incident was reported to the Phoenix PD.

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