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Bob Holden

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. You've probably arrived because you are curious about me, so here is a little background.

Early Years

I was born in the West San Fernando Valley of Southern California and lived there for 45 years. I did the normal kid things, had a paper route, worked for Jack In The Box, Duke of Bourbon Liquors, several San Fernando Valley Landscape and Irrigation businesses, and . In addition to having fun, I graduated Canoga Park High School despite having ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) and not quite fitting the acceptable scholastic stereotype in order to be considered a successful student. However, I did not want to stop learning and in 1970, I attended Pierce Community College in Woodland Hills, CA and took classes in a somewhat new field of Systems Analysis, which would turn out to be my life's work.


Most of my schooling was provided by the Los Angeles City School District. Here's the list of the schools I attended:

  • Sunny Brae Elementary School
  • John A. Sutter Jr. High School
  • Canoga Park High School
  • Pierce Community College

US Armed Services

I served in the US Army at the following duty stations:

  • Fort Lewis Training Center, DuPont, WA
  • Fort Ord Training Center, Monterey, CA
  • Fort Benjamin Harrison Financial Training Center, Indianapolis, IN
  • Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, CO:
    • 6th Army, 4th Infantry Batallion, Administrative Division
    • 6th Army, 4th Infantry Batallion, 1st Calvary, 19th Armored Battery
    • Fort MacArthur, Armed Forces Entrance and Evaluation Station, Hollywood, CA
    • Fort Smith Reserve Center, Fort Smith, AR

Employment History

I have worked for the following organizations:

  • BB Florists
  • Los Angeles Herald Examiner
  • Shell Oil Company
  • Cy Holden Landscaping
  • Duke of Bourbon Liquors
  • Jack in the Box
  • Burco Sprinklers
  • Harold Jones Landscape
  • Union Landscape
  • Mayco Colors
  • Sunset Trading Company
  • Freeman Cosmetics
  • Pallmark International
  • Cherokee Shoe Corporation
  • City of Los Angeles, Community Development Department
  • City of Los Angeles, Department of Aging
  • Us Postal Service, Seattle Bulk Mail Center
  • Frank Russell Company
  • Lyon's Technology
  • WalMart


I provided goods and services for the following organizations:

  • Lindy Electronics
  • Sunset Trading Company
  • Southwest Traders
  • Priority Health Distributors
  • Tacoma/Pierce County Health Department
  • Tacoma Recycling
  • Evergreen Fruit & Produce
  • Bill Acker Consulting
  • Mary Sudar Appraisals
  • PR Graphic Design
  • GESI
  • Bralco Metals
  • MacRae's Books
  • After Market Products
  • AMP Aerospace
  • Seri-Prep
  • Evolving Culture Clothing

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