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Bitcoin Still Alive! - Despite numerous reports of bitcoin's death, it maintains an excellent store of value to move your shakey fiat currency to the single most undervalued asset around, not to mention the fact that each year's low has beaten the previous years low over the last 12 years.

It's easier to understand by purchasing it, rather than trying to explain it. Purchasing as little as $5.00 will provide you experience in how easy it is to use. Contact Us to learn how to protect your wealth from the banks and government inflation.

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If you are 18 or older, you have been intentionally mis-informed by the banking cartel about how money really works. For example, If you think that there is a dollar's worth of gold stored in Fort Knox, think again. The links below are being provided as a to you as a public service so that you can learn the truth about money, what it is, and how it really works today and preserve the wealth that you have accumulated in exchange for your hard work. IGNORE AT YOUR PERIL.

Is the US Dollar Money, or Currency? If you don't understand the difference, these are for you.

Learn About Bitcoin: Internet Money of Now And The Future.

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