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With over 50 years of IT experience, we now provide opportunities for you to learn many different levels of Bitcoin technology & education.

We know that using Bitcoin is a strange new experience to most who have not already experienced it. The same was experienced in the past with other new monetary ideas such as the introduction of paper currency, credit cards, and recently, online banking. Bitcoin is no different. Once you experience how easy and intuitive it is to use, we are fairly certain you won't want to use anything else.

Let EAWF teach you to learn how to use Bitcoin safely and securely.

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You can now make your own appointments by using our new Online Appointment System. No matter what you'd like to learn or need help with, we have you covered. Its easy to use, so book an appointment now.

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90% of Bitcoin Mined

Unlike fiat currency, where we haven't a clue how much exists, with Bitcoin, we know, with mathematical certainty and a secure blockchain, that on 2021/12/13, 90%(18.89 million) of the 21 million possible Bitcoin has been mined.

New coins will continue to be mined until some time in 2140. To learn more about this, set up an appointment through our new appointment system accessed

Before looking at what is available for sale, let's look at what is NOT available for sale.

First, the first 50 Bitcoin mined is locked up in the Coinbase address of the Bitcoin "Genesis Block"(1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa)

Next, the first million coins are owned by Satoshi Nakamoto, and we haven't a clue where he/she/it is nowadays, it's safe to say they're locked up.

About 3.7 million are considered "lost" due to improper key management, poor estate planning, or purposely sent to addresses for which there is no private key to be able to sign a spending transaction.

The rest are considered available for sale at the ridiculously low price of $36,526.14 per Bitcoin

How to PROVE you are Satoshi Nakamoto!

If you've been following the news out of Florida lately, you've probably seen the creator of an alt-coin based on Bitcoin's code puporting to be Satoshi Nakamoto. There are lots of indicators that he is not, but with Bitcoin, there is an absolute, and simple, way that Satoshi can step up and PROVE that he's who he says he is.

The TRUE Satoshi should be easily able to SIGN A MESSAGE using the private key of the Genesis Block Coinbase transaction(1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa). Either that address, or ANY of the Coinbase Addresses that hold Satoshi's 1 million Bitcoin.

We're patiently waiting, Fake Satoshi!

Bitcoin Still Alive!

Despite the best attempts of its detractors, being pronounced dead by the media, and being attacked by hackers 24/7 for the last 13 years, it remains the single best secure asset class designed to store your wealth and keep control of it in your own hands. To learn more, book an appointment now.

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EAWF Android Apps Available

We have developed the following Android Apps are available for you to download and use for FREE. We GUARANTEE that we have NOT included any type of maliciousness into them at all, so they are safe for you to use.Here's what we have to offer so far:

Bitcoin Ticker - Like our web based Bitcoin ticker, now you can have the same functionality on your own Android device. It is designed to be opened, read the information, then close down the app to avoid possible blocking by the providers Servers, which MAY block users for too many accesses per a time period.

We build most of our Apps with MIT's AppInventor2 where you too can build your own apps. It's FREE!

Want to learn more? Book an appointment now.

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Preserve Your Wealth - Purchase Bitcoin

Your wealth is the sum of your physical and/or mental work, multiplied by the amount of time you have put into that work which you store in fiat currency.

The Federal Reserve, Banks, and Governments steal your wealth by creating more fiat currency out of thin air which dilutes the value of your fiat currency.

By simply purchasing Bitcoin with your fiat currency, you protect your wealth in the world's most secure asset which has a fixed supply and cannot be inflated by ANYONE.

Your wealth is not "stuck" in Bitcoin, either. Using modern smartphone app's and their linked debit cards, it's easy to buy or sell Bitcoin, pay bills, or purchase goods or services as you're currently doing.

The resources listed below are provided so that you can educate yourself and learn the truth about Currency, Money, Bitcoin, and how you can take immediate actions to preserve your wealth.

Finance 101 - Learn why Fiat Currency is NOT Money.
Bitcoin 101 - Learn Why Bitcoin IS Money

Presented here for your education are many links to Bitcoin related educational resources including, PDF's, Web Sites, and YouTube® videos. Most of these links are "MUST VISIT" sites to help you really learn about this new technology.

Andreas M. Antonopolous is the premier spokesman/educator for Bitcoin. His wealth of knowledge is shared globally for free.

Bitcoin Tools & Extra's - Misc Bitcoin Stuff

This is a collection of Exchanges, Tickers, and Calculators that we use on a regular basis to assist us with our Bitcoin needs.

Bitcoin Exchange Rate (BTC/USD) Ticker

The BTC/USD exchange rate, currently $36,526.14, often inaccurately named as the Bitcoin "price," is updated once a minute on the bar above. To learn how to do this for your own web site, check out our BTCToolbox repository at GitHub.

Thanks for visiting EAWF and allowing us the privilege of earning your business.