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Since 1979, EAWF has been providing personalized business IT services such as Web Hosting, IT Support & training, Bitcoin education, and many other digital and analog services to businesses and communities like yours. We also provide online business incubation and planning tools. Click on the links to learn more about us.

Current Project - We're currently doing research on easy to use methods that will allow anyone with a Bitcoin HD Wallet to accept payments by Bitcoin and the Lightning Network for small payments with very low transaction fees. Visit our Git Repository for more information.

Why do we use Linux? - In our 40 years of experience with Operating Systems (OS), we have found that Linux IS better than any other OS due to not only it's lack of price, but its security, stability, and the awesome range of other quality software tools available. Our experience shows that we have not had a software induced problem since we started using it in 2003. That says a lot for some "free" software, doesn't it?

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40 Years of Service! - We have been in business for over 40 years with a 99.98% approval rating. Think about what that means when you are looking to do business with us. Thanks to all our customers over the years! Like we say, "Our most important customer is YOU!"

Business Opportunity - Are you looking for a business opportunity? We are looking for someone who has, or wants to obtain a working knowledge of Linux Server Management, HTML 5, CSS, PHP 7, Javascript, eMail Management, to support our existing domain customers. Contact Us if you're interested.

Looking For A New or Second Computer?

Consider purchasing a "Raspberry Pi" if all you really need is a web browser, keyboard, mouse, video screen, a WiFi Connection, and maybe a printer! This should include about 95% of the general public.

A little larger than a pack of cigarettes, the Raspberry Pi can use your smart TV as a monitor via it's built-in HDMI port for video and audio, and it has WiFi and Bluetooth built-in!

Find out more here.

I have 3 of them running, so if you need additional help, feel free to contact me!

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