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With over 50 years of experience, we provide opportunities for you to learn many different levels of technology including ₿itcoin education.

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₿itcoin Still Alive! - Despite the best attempts of its detractors, being pronounced dead by the media, and being attacked by hackers 24/7 for the last 12 years, it remains the single best secure asset class designed to store your wealth and keep control of it in your own hands.

Current ₿itcoin Exchange Rate (BTC/USD) Ticker

The BTC/USD exchange rate, often inaccurately named as the ₿itcoin "price," is updated once a minute on the bar above. To learn how to do this for your own web site, check out our BTCToolbox repository at GitHub.

Preserve Your Wealth - Purchase ₿itcoin

Your wealth is the sum of your physical and/or mental work, multiplied by the amount of time you have put into that work which you store in fiat currency.

The Federal Reserve, Banks, and Governments steal your wealth by creating more fiat currency out of thin air which dilutes the value of your fiat currency.

By simply purchasing ₿itcoin with your fiat currency, you protect your wealth in the world's most secure asset which has a fixed supply and cannot be inflated by ANYONE.

Your wealth is not "stuck" in ₿itcoin, either. Using modern smartphone app's and their linked debit cards, it's easy to buy or sell ₿itcoin, pay bills, or purchase goods or services as you're currently doing.

The resources listed below are provided so that you can educate yourself and learn the truth about Currency, Money, ₿itcoin, and how you can take immediate actions to preserve your wealth.

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Finance 101 - Learn why Currency(USD) is NOT Money.

₿itcoin 101 - Learn Why ₿itcoin IS Money

Presented here for your education are many links to ₿itcoin related educational resources including, PDF's, Web Sites, and YouTube® videos. Most of these links are "MUST VISIT" sites to help you really learn about this new technology.

Andreas M. Antonopolous is the premier spokesman/educator for ₿itcoin. His wealth of knowledge is shared globally for free.

₿itcoin Tools & Extra's - Misc ₿itcoin Stuff

This is a collection of Exchanges, Tickers, and Calculators that we use on a regular basis to assist us with our ₿itcoin needs.

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