About EAWF

Since 1979, our most valuable and important customer continues to be YOU.

Serving Small Business Since 1979

Since 1979, with roots going back to 1971, EAWF has been providing Business Services to all types and sizes of organizations as well as individuals just like you. We have been serving many of our customers uninterrupted for well over a decade, with a strong belief that our customers need to know exactly what they are paying for, letting them know the current status of their project(s), and insuring that the goods and services that we are providing are understood completely by explaining to them in simple, plain, American English, NOT in Techno-speak. We strive to not use acronyms in our explanations, and to deliver the highest quality products and services at a price that is affordable and respects your budget.

EAWF is myself, Bob Holden, a systems analyst, programmer, field tech support person, computer educator, and serial entreprenuer whom has been actively involved in computing since 1971.

In case you were wondering, the acronym "EAWF" stands for "Earth", "Air", "Water", and "Fire", which not only were the "elements" which the Greeks thought made up the entire universe, but also fit an earlier business endeavor of mine which would have manufactured ceramic art and functional pottery items for sale. Unfortunately, the business never really got much past the planning stages, but the name was a winner for most all of my future enterprises.

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