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Bob Holden - Business Technology Consultant

About EAWF & Bob Holden

EAWF was founded in 1979 by Bob Holden, who, as a successful Glaze Chemist, initially started the business as a means of gainful income in the Fair Circuit's of Southern California selling ceramic household goods and décor, however, at that time a recession occurred and wiped out most household discretionary income, so he had to move on to a different business model. In 1971, during advanced schooling after High School, he took a Systems Analysis class and became interested in the new field of computing. Having an affinity for building, supporting, and programming computers, he applied the techniques he learned in his Systems classes and worked hard to become a Systems Analyst & Administrator, Programmer, Field Tech Support Person specializing in POS, Computer & Bitcoin Educator, and Serial Entrepreneur who has been actively involved in computing since 1971.

The ancient Greeks believed that the universe was composed of four basic elements: earth, air, water, and fire. These elements represented the fundamental building blocks of all matter, including the human body and the cosmos itself. Interestingly, these same elements are still relevant in modern times. For instance, ceramics, which are made from earth and fire, are still used for various purposes, from pottery to industrial applications. Similarly, computers rely on the flow of electrons through air and the cooling effects of water to function efficiently. Hence, the acronym EAWF, representing the ancient Greek elements, is a fitting name for a company that aims to incorporate these timeless elements into its products or services.